Bolton Conversion Construction Update March 2018

Internal strip out and sandblasting completed.

We are pleased to be able to confirm that the massive task of internally stripping the buildings that make this conversion has now been finally completed.

Over the last three months along with the removal of all the decades old equipment, rubble on lower floors, cladding on walls and the partioning across higher floors which has been used over the last century to divide the building into various sections ,the  huge walk in iron vaults used over the years for keeping wages and income safe have been dismantled and disposed of leaving the building free for the team to sandblast all the internal walls, removing decades of grim, dust and history from the internal brickwork in preparation for the removal of the existing windows and the fitting of new UVPC double glazed units.

With the recent inclement weather, hopefully behind us the next significant stage of this reincarnation into one of the North West’s most luxurious and sought after addresses can begin.

Once the Easter holiday period has past, the process of removing the existing window units and replacing these with new modern UPVC double glazed units begins.

Starting with the upper floors the existing windows will be removed in preparation for the window spaces to be lined out with new wooden window surrounds before the new window units are fitted.

These new window units will be a modern anthracite grey on the outside and a clean white finish to the interior which will complement the modern, Manhattan loft styling of the apartments.

A month has been set aside for the entire process of removing and replacing all the windows in the entire building, over the course of this month photographs showing the progress throughout the whole building will be posted onto our online blog and development update pages which will allow all our purchasers and interested parties to be fully up to date with the transformation of the building.