Doncaster Conversion Update September 2018

As previously reported the challenges of converting a listed building have unfortunately delayed the completion of our conversion project in Doncaster.

Originally scheduled for a July completion we have now been advised that handover is likely to be November. Needless to say this is a shame and has been a costly delay for the developer as well as proving inconvenient for our investors – The good news in this however is that the building is progressing well and looking magnificent !

Many thanks to our clients for their understanding and patience – we have attached the report we received from the developer for those who may not have received a copy for some reason.

The show apartment is available to view and we are have some one on site most weeks so if any client would like to visit and see for themselves how things are progressing please call or email and we will be pleased to assist.

Surveyors Report

Work continues on the conversion and refurbishment of the property in Doncaster. 

The project is progressing well considering it has Listed Building status and the challenges that this alone has brought. 

We have had a few issues in getting final approval from the planning authorities around the design of the third-floor glazing, and more recently, delays caused by the utility companies. 

Despite our absolute best efforts, this has affected the completion date of the project. 

We are using all our endeavours to work around these issues, but it is resulting in out of sequence working and delaying our testing and commissioning programmes. 

Our construction crews are hard at work and we currently have two shifts working 24 hours per day: 12-hour days and 12-hour nights. 

The fourth floor is fully carpeted and completely closed off. 

The development is now working towards a completion date at the end of October, with an absolute final deadline of 15th November 2018 

The end is very near and we all agree that the development is looking amazing. The delays are unfortunate, but I am sure once our clients see the completed units, they will not be disappointed .