Build Update for Bolton Development – March 2019

Build on this mill-to-residential conversion project in Bolton has been delayed by approximately 3 months while further planning permission has been considered and now granted for an amend to the roofline. Now that the necessary consent has been granted, work can be accelerated with the intention of recovering some or all of the lost time.

Although every effort will be made to meet the original completion date, we believe it is prudent to amend the projected completion date for the development. Therefore, completion is scheduled for Quarter 1 2020 rather than the original date of Quarter 4 2019.

Build Progress

The Old Christ Embassy and Office building where apartments G18 to G26, 118 to 128 ,216 to 225, 313 to 318, 413 to 417 and 513 to 517 are located are all now formed with first fix M&E commencing in April. Work on the new roof in this area is underway and should be complete for the end of April when the scaffolding to this area can then be removed.

With planning now approved for the roofline amend works in connection with the main lift & stair cores, with the trimming steelwork & breaking out the existing concrete floors to provide the openings for the new shaft/core is underway. The works to the new core should be complete by the end of June 2019 so the existing telecom masts on the existing roof structure can be moved over onto the roof of the new lift core.

Stripping of the roof in the main building will commence in May. Works are progressing on the main building in connection with the fire protection to all the existing steelwork to allow the forming of the flats.