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Our goal is to help you make well informed decisions about all aspects of property investment.

What We Do

At Solomon, we provide information, research and advice to property investors with an interest in the UK and European residential markets.

We are residential specialists, which means we don’t get involved with land acquisitions, nor with commercial or industrial developments. We focus on our strengths, which are based on years of experience of evaluating investments in the buy-to-let sector.

Developers turn to Solomon to help them accelerate sales of new, off-plan or recently completed residential schemes. Conversely, professional and private investors know they can rely on us to understand their particular objectives and match them against an extensive database of carefully researched properties. In short, we help both parties, which places a special responsibility on us to operate transparently and to the highest ethical standards.

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What you can expect from us

Courtesy, professionalism and expertise.

The first stage in helping any client - whether that's a business or an individual - is always about getting to know them and understand their situation. If you work with us, we'll want to know what sort of investment you're looking for, what goals you want to achieve and how much you can safely and responsibly invest. At this early stage, we might offer you advice about the best strategies for meeting your goals, but we won't do anything more until we have built up that thorough understanding.

Later, when we feel we know and understand one another, we can then begin the process of identifying appropriate opportunities. We'll always have properties on our database, but the information is updating all the time so we'll assign you a single point of contact who will conduct an ongoing search and keep you constantly updated.

We can help you with everything from securing finance to completing the formal paperwork. We also appreciate the importance of promoting and letting your property, so we'll offer you help with that, too. In many cases, we can even provide rental guarantees to help you get off to a secure and profitable start.

At every stage, we aim to keep you fully informed and firmly in control. We understand that investments are important financial decisions so you'll never be rushed and things will only move forward when you want them to.

For more information, please ask to speak to one of our property advisors.

How Can We Help

Who are Solomon Investment Partners?

Solomon Investment Partners is a team of multi-disciplinary specialists, all with considerable experience of the private rental sector.

Collectively, we offer everything necessary to give customers the data and the support they need to make good, reasoned investment choices. We have skills in fields such as construction and property development, estate management, purchasing and financial services. We also have an extensive customer support team, and experts in international property marketing.

What that means in practice is that we're a good team to have on your side. Whether you're a major fund-holder or a private investor looking for your first property, we have all the knowledge and resources you'll need, backed by an abiding willingness to help.

Who are Solomon Investment Partners?

Pre-market property investment

Pre-market property investment deals are one of the most effective ways of securing marketable, modern properties at well below the market rate.
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