Our Approach

Finding rewarding opportunities for our clients

For our clients, working with Solomon means always having the support and information you need. It’s about being able to count on active, expert help at every stage of your journey – everything from considering your first property investment to building your property portfolio.


We’ll help you make well informed decisions about all aspects of property investment.

We work with two groups of clients, and it's an approach that yields benefits for both. On the one hand, we provide information, support and advice to investors. On the other, we help residential developers to find early-stage buyers for units in new-to-market and pre-launch property developments.

This 'bridge-building' role means we can help investors to find opportunities that wouldn't be available anywhere else. The developers who work with us know that our investors expect something special from us, so they'll often be willing to offer extra incentives such as attractive pre-market prices or assured tenancy agreements that deliver a fixed, risk-free return.

In short, we help both parties, which means we have a special responsibility to operate transparently and to the highest ethical standards. That's especially important when it comes to investigating potential investment property deals.


Safe, ethical and consistently profitable

It's vital that we look after our clients' interests. As well as alerting them to new opportunities, our clients expect us to carry out thorough research to ensure that their investments don’t come with any nasty surprises attached. That's why we devote considerable effort to due diligence, taking account of all the key factors that could influence the long-term value of an investment.

Part of this work involves testing the local market for each property. We do everything possible to gauge local rental demand, and we constantly look out for any issues that might cause that demand to change.

This is a big task, because so many different factors can affect market demand. Factors we take account of include economic, political and commercial issues in order to develop a proper sense of risk. We will only recommend opportunities that we believe will be safe, ethical and consistently profitable to our clients.

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