Charity Support

Charity Support

Charity Support

Solomon is proud to be a supporter of the Brain Injury Rehabilitation and Development charity (BIRD).

Our connection with BIRD feels very personal to me. The charity’s staff worked with one of my own children and I’ve seen for myself the value and positive effects of their work. I’m very proud to be one of their supporters.

A small organisation, based in Chester, BIRD seeks to improve the lives of people with learning difficulties and brain injuries, regardless of their age or the severity of their condition. It supports individuals facing issues such as autism, learning difficulty, developmental delay and strokes – amongst many others.

The charity also works with children aged between 7 and 11 who attend mainstream schools but who may be experiencing difficulties in learning, communication or behaviour. It also supports their parents and teachers. It does some exceptionally valuable work but is totally reliant on voluntary donations.

At Solomon we are therefore very pleased to support the charity and, from time to time, we will use this page to post details of forthcoming projects and fundraising initiatives. You can read more about BIRD here:

Other Developments and Opportunities

New residential developments, holiday apartments and more

The ever-changing nature of the property investment market means that we're constantly busy identifying and researching new opportunities for our clients. Wherever there's the prospect of a profitable investment, we'll be keen to investigate. We examine a host of buy-to-let opportunities - everything from seaside retirement flats to overseas tourist accommodation; individual apartments to large-scale residential developments in busy cities.

It takes time to produce online guides such as the ones shown above so, in practice, there will always be a number of opportunities that aren't shown on the Solomon Investment Partners website. We issue regular updates through our blog, newsletters and social platforms, but if you'd like details of the very latest opportunities, it's invariably best to contact us directly.

Other Developments and Opportunities
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