Financing Solutions

Financing Solutions

Finding the right solutions for your property investment strategy

Financing Solutions

When considering any new property investment strategy, research is clearly vital. Local market conditions, the type and condition of the property, the resilience of the regional economy - these are all factors that prospective investors will take into account before making a commitment.

However, just as important is the process of identifying the right financing package. Choosing the right property but the wrong kind of mortgage can make the difference between failure and success. It’s essential that the numbers add up.

Expert Financing Support

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Buy-to-let mortgages and more.

A mortgage is a serious commitment so we’ll support you at every stage, ensuring that you can make an intelligent, well informed decision about which financing mechanism is best for you. We’ll take whatever time is needed to assess your situation, your personal objectives and the deals that are available to you.

Our expertise lies in developing pragmatic, well-researched investment strategies and looking after our customers’ best interests. We believe we offer outstanding support but, importantly, we also acknowledge where that expertise ends. We don’t arrange buy-to-let mortgages and we don’t offer financial advice. To help you with these crucial aspects of your investment strategy, we’ll direct you to some of the best and most reputable specialists in the business.

We’ll show you a wealth of options. We work with many reputable mortgage brokers whose services we’ve evaluated and who we know from experience will deliver sound, competitive products and great customer support. Both in the UK and many countries overseas, we have established networks of specialist mortgage providers and accredited financial advisers – experts whose job it is to secure the best possible deal for you.

The widest range of financing options

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Maximising your investment leverage.

In brief, this is how the process of securing finance works:

Firstly, you talk to a Solomon Investment Partners consultant and decide which property investment suits you best.

– You complete a reservation documentation, which allows for a 14 day cooling off period.
– With your permission, we work with an agreed broker partner to set out a shortlist of financial solutions.
– Once you have made your choice, we instruct our mortgage experts to secure a ‘decision in principle’ for your chosen mortgage.
– Once this is in place and when 14 days have expired, your appointed legal professional will normally be in touch to start the process of exchanging contracts.
– Once the contracts have been exchanged, completion will follow.

For more information about the best ways of financing in your property investment strategy, please contact a Solomon advisor.

Tenancies and guarantees

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Investments with added peace of mind.

However attractive the financing arrangements, a buy-to-let investment can only be profitable if it delivers a regular rental income. Healthy tenancies are therefore crucial and, with this in mind, Solomon offers you a host of safeguards and assurances.

When proposing any new investment opportunity, we will normally ensure that the property will be tenanted on completion. This applies equally to new, refurbished and off-plan properties.

We only ever propose investment opportunities in areas of proven demand but, on major developments, we recognise that further support can sometimes be invaluable. Rental guarantees help to eliminate risk and they can be particularly beneficial during the earliest phase of schemes on which multiple units might be coming onto the market at the same time. In such circumstances, there can sometimes be short void periods and, without careful management, prices can be suppressed by new owners discounting their rental figure in order to gain an early advantage.

To safeguard against this, we offer a range of guarantees and assurances. We always provide a tenancy guarantee insurance policy to cover any unpaid rentals – so some solutions will be as simple as agreeing to pay your mortgage until a tenant is found. Depending upon the circumstances, we might offer a straightforward assured shorthold tenancy (AST) agreement or an intelligent blend of AST tenancies and serviced lettings. Often, by combining these two rental types, we can deliver a substantially higher yield.

Most of the investment properties we propose are also offered with the support of a dedicated rental management agency. For an agreed percentage of the rental income, such an agent will usually take care of rental collection, bill payments and routine maintenance. We only use established professional partners to manage the buildings, and we will often insist that they have an onsite office to provide a better and more secure environment for tenants and owners.

This managed option means you don’t normally need to become involved in day-to-day operations or upkeep, making for a stress-free ‘armchair investment.’

For more details about tenancy guarantees, or if you have any questions about developing a property investment strategy, please contact us.

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