Frequently Asked Questions


Commonly asked questions by investors

Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly asked questions by investors

At Solomon, we talk to hundreds of people every week, from first time investors to experienced property portfolio holders. We encourage investors to ask as many questions as possible and, in the section below, we have set out the answers to some of those that we’re most commonly asked.

How can you help me?

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Solomon Investment Partners helps two groups of client. Firstly, we provide property investment advice and information to customers throughout the world. Those customers might be individuals, couples, established landlords or larger institutional investors. Our expertise lies in the careful evaluation of investment opportunities and our ability to find each investor the property deals that most effectively meet his or her needs.

Solomon also helps businesses with property to sell. By acting as a bridge between investors and the vendors of properties with good investment potential, we can help developers and lenders to achieve faster sales and liquidity.

What’s the best investment for me?

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Every investor has different needs and objectives. We therefore conduct wide-ranging research to ensure we maintain extensive lists of high quality opportunities that will suit differing needs. We’ll always take the time to understand your needs and preferences in detail and we’ll only ever propose investment opportunities that are appropriate to you.

How do you find good deals for investors?

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We work hard to identify profitable opportunities for investors. We study the UK and overseas markets and, if we find opportunities that look to be worthwhile, we carry out considerable research into the local market conditions.

In this way, we offer investors a shortlist of properties that, in our assessment, offer excellent investment potential. That potential might take the form of outstanding yields or a strong likelihood of sustained capital appreciation. Normally, we’ll propose opportunities that offer both.

At Solomon Investment Partners, it’s our role to build links between vendors and investors. Banks and developers occasionally need to sell property assets quickly – sometimes to boost liquidity and sometimes to enable them to move on to other projects. By agreeing competitive, off-market prices, we can often help developers to achieve more rapid sales and, of course, we also help our investor clients to secure some unbeatable deals.

Where are the properties?

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We investigate properties in both the UK and overseas, and we evaluate all kinds of buy-to-let residential property – whether that’s new, refurbished or off-plan. Through rigorous scrutiny and due diligence, we identify what we regard as the very best opportunities for achieving reliable demand, healthy yields and credible prospects for excellent capital appreciation.

I want to invest; what do I do?

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Solomon Investment Partners has a team of experienced specialists, all dedicated to excellent customer service. The team comprises professionals from many different backgrounds: property development, real estate, the financial services sector, the construction industry and so on. We have also experts in market research, the international property market, portfolio management and other disciplines.  When you’re ready to take the next step in your property investment strategy, one of our Senior Consultants will contact you directly to discuss your situation and your financial objectives. On the strength of that, we will then begin investigations to identify the opportunities that best match your needs.

Yield or capital growth?

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Yield and capital growth are both important factors, and different investors have different priorities. On an ongoing basis, it is the regular income that is important, as it’s this that will determine the day-to-day profitability of your investment. Capital growth only really becomes a factor if you wish to sell or re-mortgage, but at that point, the gains can be appreciable. Much therefore depends on your goals and investment strategy. However, there is no reason why you should have to make a choice between them; all the properties we propose to our clients have the potential to achieve good, sustainable rental yields, together with the potential to gain considerably in value over the medium to long term.

Do I have to pay any fees separate to my investment?

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No. At Solomon Investment Partners, we don’t charge investors any fees at all. Unlike some competitors, we don’t do deals with hidden charges. We make our money entirely through agreements with property vendors so if you’re buying a property, you can be sure that you’ll never have to pay us a penny.

Do I have to find my own tenant?

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Only if you specifically want to do that. Many of the properties we source are already tenanted, so you’ll have an income-generating property from day one, with no need to worry about marketing and letting your property. Other properties are sold off-plan but come with assured rentals for a fixed period, giving you the time you need to find your tenant(s).

What’s more, if it’s what you want, then Solomon Investment Partners can set you up with a fully bespoke ‘armchair’ investment that requires no work or involvement on your part at all. We can provide a local managing agent that has been carefully assessed and chosen on the basis of its reliable performance and customer service. The agent will take care of all the day-to-day issues, such as marketing the property, letting it out to tenants, collecting the rent, issuing tenancy agreements etc.

Having said that, you can certainly choose to advertise and manage the property yourself if you wish.

Up to what age can I get a mortgage?

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Currently, you can get a buy-to-let mortgage until you are approximately 75 years old. The mortgage is based on various factors such as rental income.

Which mortgage broker should I use?

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If you’d like help with this, we can recommend and assign an experienced mortgage broker to you as part of our fully inclusive service. The broker will have access to all available mortgage products from every lender and, being independent, its goal will be to find you the mortgage that best suits your needs.

Do I need a solicitor?

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It is important to have access to good legal advice when committing to an investment, and if you have a solicitor you prefer to use, you are of course welcome to do so.

For other investors, we can normally provide access to a trusted panel of solicitors. In order to achieve best value and the best quality of service, we often recommend that clients use one of these solicitors because they will already have an excellent working knowledge of the property in question. That should save you time and money because you won’t be charged for the time the solicitor might otherwise have to spend doing his/her research into the property and its history.

With regard to overseas investments, we will normally be able to nominate a choice of reputable solicitors in that country who have excellent knowledge of the property market in question.

What are the minimum/maximum amounts I can invest?

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There are no set thresholds. However different people require different investments for their personal goals, and we would advise that you speak to one of our Senior Consultants to see what suits you, and to decide how much is sensible to invest.

How do I know the properties are really worth the values claimed?

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An independent RICS-qualified surveyor has to provide a true valuation of any UK property before a bank will commit to making a mortgage offer. This happens as part of the sales process. Bear in mind that, for their own security, banks are equally keen to know that they’re lending against a property that has been accurately valued.

What type of tenant will I get?

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Solomon Investment Partners has always worked with developers who provide properties aimed at the professional market. Overseas, we maintain a similar focus on professional-standard properties and high quality tourist accommodation. In the UK, we source opportunities in areas of regeneration and strong capital growth, so typical tenants will be working singles or couples.  We don’t deal with student ‘pods’ due to the lack of finance options available and the uncertainty of the longevity of those types of property.

Where are you based?

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We have offices in London and Chester. However, our team works across the UK and in a wide variety of markets overseas – although we only work in countries with a clear record of political stability.

Can I view the property?

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Certainly. However, many of our investments are reserved within days of being notified to our clients, so in many cases investors will reserve without viewing, so as not to lose out on a good opportunity. Buying an investment property is a very different proposition to buying a home, and it requires a different outlook. The key consideration when choosing an investment property is not its ‘charm’ or appearance but its financial return – which is a function of cost, rental demand, yield and likely capital appreciation. Viewing such a property is therefore by no means essential, particularly if it is located overseas and you would incur significant travel costs to do so.

Is using a management agent worthwhile?

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Many Solomon investors have busy lives and don’t want the hassle of dealing with their investment on a day-to-day basis. In such cases, using a management agency can be a good way of benefiting from the investment without having to contribute a lot of your personal time and effort. Having the property managed also has another advantage: it allows you the flexibility to invest in locations that may be far removed from where you live. That could be another city in the UK or even overseas. A managed solution gives you the chance to invest wherever you stand to make the greatest returns, and not have to restrict yourself to properties that are within easy travelling distance of your own home. A management agency will cost money, of course, so using one could erode profits a little, but balanced against that is the fact that management agencies have a vested commercial interest in keeping your property well presented, continuously occupied and delivering excellent returns. As specialists, they are well placed to do this and may often be able to secure paying tenants much more quickly than could an individual landlord.

Other Developments and Opportunities

New residential developments, holiday apartments and more

The ever-changing nature of the property investment market means that we're constantly busy identifying and researching new opportunities for our clients. Wherever there's the prospect of a profitable investment, we'll be keen to investigate. We examine a host of buy-to-let opportunities - everything from seaside retirement flats to overseas tourist accommodation; individual apartments to large-scale residential developments in busy cities.

It takes time to produce online guides such as the ones shown above so, in practice, there will always be a number of opportunities that aren't shown on the Solomon Investment Partners website. We issue regular updates through our blog, newsletters and social platforms, but if you'd like details of the very latest opportunities, it's invariably best to contact us directly.

Other Developments and Opportunities
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