An up-and-coming coastal investment hotspot


With the fastest-growing GVA in Yorkshire, 2017's City of Culture is a must when considering a property investment


With excellent transport links, nightlife and shopping, the city is experiencing impressive economic growth and welcomes more and more young professionals looking to start their careers. Even more exciting is an exclusive partnership between the University of Hull and Team GB, an alliance that will provide Hull’s huge student population with a host of new opportunities and will make the university attractive to prospective students across the globe.


Hull's population is at its highest in 20 years, at more than 260,000. This comes in line with Hull City Council's City Plan, which aims to create new jobs, build new houses, improve the public realm and improve educational attainment. Its fast-growing population include professionals, families, students, artists and entrepreneurs, and Hull City Council are well-prepared for its future growth.


With an economy worth £8bn, Hull is a city with real pulling power, ranked as one of the best locations for businesses in the UK. The city has recently received £250m of new investment in public spaces, while the University of Hull has been selected by Team GB to join forces with them in an exclusive partnership which covers a six-year period and includes the Tokyo 2020 and Paris 2024 Olympic Games.


Employment in Hull is now the highest on record. The city has attracted more than £3 billion of investment so far, creating more than 6,000 new jobs since 2013 in the renewable energy, healthcare, telecommunications and tourism sectors.The city's strongest industries include digital/creative and construction, while its renewables sector is having a remarkable effect on the local economy, creating thousands of jobs and business opportunities and pioneering the change for the rest of the UK.


  • Economy worth £8 billion
  • Huge amounts of inward investment
  • Partnership with Team GB putting the city on the map
  • Employment highest on record
  • Strongest in renewables, digital and construction industries

With a population at an all-time high, the city voted one of the best locations for business should be on your list when it comes to buy-to-let investment. Download our investment guide to find out more about what this coastal hotspot has to offer.

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