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From time to time, Solomon Investment Partners hosts short property investment seminars that focus on specific themes. Designed to be concise, informative and relevant to the current state of the market, they’re a great opportunity to hear from independent experts and to learn more about important aspects of the property investment business.

One reason they’re important is that they give customers the chance to meet our staff. Many clients do business with us remotely – via phone, letters and email – but meeting face-to-face is always a good way of cementing working relationships.

We really enjoy meeting investors in person because it means we can get to know them better and make sure we’re giving them all the help we can. Meeting in a relaxed environment also enables us to explore issues that we might otherwise never discuss.

For the same reason, we’re always very happy to welcome clients and prospective investors to visit us at our head office in Chester. We sometimes hold seminars here, too, but if you’d like to talk to us, don’t feel you have to wait for a scheduled event. By visiting us in person, you can see for yourself how much work we put into researching and evaluating investment opportunities; what efforts we make to ensure the security and profitability of your investment.

Seminars and meetings are also excellent platforms for sharing industry news and details of new or forthcoming opportunities. The process of evaluating properties as potential investments takes time, so our official lists will always lag a little way behind what we know is coming. By meeting face-to-face, we can give you advance notice of whatever’s in the pipeline, so you can get the pick of the crop when the opportunity goes ‘live’.

If you’d like to be kept informed about forthcoming property investment seminars, or if you’d like to arrange a visit to our head office, please contact us today.

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